Marsblade O1 Kit
Marsblade O1 Kit
Marsblade O1 Kit
Marsblade O1 Kit


Marsblade O1 Kit

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The Marsblade O1 Kit is designed for improved skating performance with the patented Flow Motion Technology. This unique rocker simulates the radius shape of an ice blade, challenging your balance and activating your core and stabilizer muscles for better skating. Improve your skills with the Marsblade O1 Kit.

  • Flow Motion Technology uses a unique rocker designed to simulate ice skating, challenge players' balance and activate the right muscles to improve on-ice performance. Maximize your off-ice training with a completely different skating feel and training effectiveness compared to regular rigid inline skates.
  • The Marsblade O1 Chassis can be mounted on all ice and roller hockey skate brands and models.
  • Marsblade O1 Chassis x 2
  • Revision Static Asphalt Wheels x 10 (82A hardness) that offers great speed, grip and wear resistance on outdoor surfaces:

    * 8x76mm + 2x72mm (size L)
    * 8x72mm + 2x68mm (size M)
    * 8x68mm + 2x64mm (size S)

    - Bearings x 16
    - Wheel Axles x 8
    - Bearing Spacers x 8
    - Multitool x 1
    - Tech Manual/User Guide x 1


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