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Wonderlite -13
Wonderlite -13 Wonderlite -13 Wonderlite -13 Wonderlite -13


Wonderlite -13

Easton’s Wonderlite is an evenly-balanced -13 barrel design, constructed with a HYPERLITE composite barrel that optimizes the sweet for maximum performance. The Wonderlite features an ultra-thin 29/32” handle with an all-new 1.2mm HYPERSKIN grip. It is certified for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF. En savoir plus
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Wonderlite -13


Model Year 2020
Brand Easton
Certification USSSA
Construction Two-piece
Evenly Balanced
Drop Weight -13

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Magasiner par sport Balle Rapide


1 YEAR BAT WARRANTY FROM DATE OF PURCHASE This Easton bat warranty covers all manufacturing defects resulting from normal field usage including: Denting, Cracking, Breaking, Loose or Detached End Cap or Rattling.