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Radar Extreme pour hockey
Radar Extreme pour hockey Radar Extreme pour hockey
Hockey Shot

Radar Extreme pour hockey

If you’re serious about becoming a sniper, start by tracking the strength of your shot. Nothing makes that easier or more affordable to do than HockeyShot’s Extreme Radar! It’s easy to set up and easy to see as you train your howitzer. It even has audio functionality if you’d prefer to leave your head down and keep firing. En savoir plus

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Radar Extreme pour hockey


More Information

More Information
Brand Hockey Shot
Large red 2-1/8" 3-digit LED display, can be seen easily from a distance.
Speed range: 3 mph to 150 mph.
Speed recall feature allows you to see the last 10 recorded speeds.
Speaker to announce the reading speed.
Distance range: up to 30 ft.
Adjustable tripod for set-up anywhere and a more accurate speed reading.
Includes carry bag.