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Bauer is one of the most recognized brands in the hockey industry. Their attention to design is what makes them stand out. They use high end technology when designing their equipment, giving the player a lightweight feel and allowing for maximized motion on the ice. Their skates are made with the latest design technology and amazing ease of replacement, which is why they continue to dominate among other hockey brands. Feel free to browse our selection of Bauer hockey skates, sticks, helmets, gloves, shin guards, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads as well as goalie equipment. You will see why pro-hockey players continue to stay loyal to Bauer!


What if we told you that you can have one of the most precise hockey sticks on the market, allowing you to score even more of those goals! The Bauer line of hockey sticks, including the Nexus line, uses the most recent technology which allows for amazing sturdiness and reactiveness, so sharp shooters will certainly appreciate this design. If you’re looking for a quick release with a high-power transfer, check out the Bauer Supreme hockey stick! It allows for full motion and amazing response time. For quick shots, the low-kick Vapor hockey stick is what you’re looking for. The spectacular response time will leave you amazed, and other players on the ice won’t stand a chance!


Want to skate with the most lightweight skate possible? You will absolutely love the Bauer Supreme line of hockey skates. Bauer offers a wide range of skate styles, so rest assured you will find a fit made just for you. Their recent lines include the Vapor skate, which is built for a narrow foot and heel, and the Nexus skate which is built for a wide foot and deep heel. Both skates give the player that classic traditional feel, while still being lightweight, allowing them to be extremely agile on the ice.

9Sports Excellence offers an amazing variety of recent Bauer hockey products.  Whether you’re shopping for skates, sticks, helmets, gloves, shin guards, pants, shoulder pads or elbow pads we’ve got you covered! We offer you free shipping on orders over $99 and hassle-free returns! Our customer support team is amazing and prompt and will guarantee customer satisfaction. You can rest assured you will receive the best prices, products and service when choosing to shop with Sports Excellence.