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Tuiles Dryland Allstar (10)
Tuiles Dryland Allstar (10) Tuiles Dryland Allstar (10)
Hockey Shot

Tuiles Dryland Allstar (10)

Our top selling Dryland Flooring Tiles just got better! New and improved formula provides our best puck handling yet, patent-pending symmetrical clipping system offers a much quicker installation time and the new lightweight flexible design works better on uneven terrain. Train like a pro with the best tile on the market! En savoir plus

149.95 $

Tuiles Dryland Allstar (10)


More Information

More Information
Brand Hockey Shot
Sold individually with no minimum order for easy customization.
Patent-pending, symmetrical clipping system for a much quicker and easier assembly and removal. Tiles clip together in any direction!
New improved formula and finish offers our slickest and smoothest puck-handling experience ever. Added texture reduces glimmer while keeping scratches less noticeable.
UV protection and weather proofing treatment allows for use of the surface anywhere indoors and outdoors to withstand the cold and heat.
Improved construction and lightweight flexible design better accommodates uneven terrain while remaining strong enough to park vehicles on them.
Our 18” x 18” x 7/16" tiles offer fewer seams than the competition for a smoother training surface.
Build your own basement or garage hockey training floor area!
Enhance your tiles experience and keep the puck in play with our new Puck Stopper Edging Containment System or use our Smooth Edging for easy puck loading.