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Patins Ribcor Maxx Pro
Patins Ribcor Maxx Pro

Patins Ribcor Maxx Pro

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Patins Ribcor Maxx Pro


More Information

More Information
Model Year 2019
Brand CCM
Level of Play Performance
Quarter Package •MetaFrame Technology with RocketFrame Composite
•Durable boot with structural stiffness.
Liner •HD Micro Fiber with Durazone Abrasion Protection
•High resistance to wear, while providing comfort and durability.(80K)
Comfort Pad •Smooth Contour Pro
•Soft pad around collar of the boot for superior foot and ankle comfort.
Ankle Padding •Adapt Memory Foam
•Symmetrical foam comfort pads wrap anatomically around player’s foot for customized fit and comfort.
Tongue •Black Felt Tongue with Embossed Lace-Bite Protection
•7mm felt with reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection.(80K)
Outsole •Reinforced Injected with Exhaust System
•Solid energy transfer profile.
Footbed •CCM Anatomical Response
•Provides great support and comfort.
Holder •Speedblade XS
•New quick-release holder with bladelock system.
Runner •SB XS Stainless (+2mm)
•Provides a long lasting edge for long term performance.(Upgrade)
Eyelets Top Brass Eyelets (80K)


Les patins sont garantis contre tout vice de matériaux et de fabrication pendant quatre-vingt-dix (90) jours à compter de la date de vente au consommateur s’ils sont utilisés et entretenus de façon normale et sans avoir été modifiés.