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Gant Nexus Freeze
Gant Nexus Freeze

Gant Nexus Freeze

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Gant Nexus Freeze


Bauer Nexus Freeze: an exclusive glove model developed in collaboration with our partner Bauer and our Sports Excellence product specialists. The Bauer Nexus Freeze is an enhanced model with hand-picked upgrades to offer our customers maximum performance and better value.

Plus d’information

Plus d’information
Ajustement Ajustement à pleine ampleur
Groupe de couleurs Noir, Rouge
Niveau Performance
Magasiner Ventes


Warranty 90 days from the consumer date of purchase Who Should I Contact? If it is within 90 days of your purchase, please return to the retailer where you purchased your item for assistance with warranty. While warranty exceptions are unlikely, if it has been more than 90 days since your purchase and you have the original receipt from an authorized BAUER dealer, you may contact us: U.S.: [email protected] Canada: [email protected]