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Gant de balle-molle Ghost 12po
Gant de balle-molle Ghost 12po Gant de balle-molle Ghost 12po


Gant de balle-molle Ghost 12po

Easton’s 2020 Ghost Fastpitch Series was built for performance at every position. The gloves are crafted with Premium Steer USA leather with a supple leather lining for added comfort and feel. Quantum Closure System, combined with smaller hand openings specific for female softball players, is fully adjustable for optimized fit and feel as well as a tighter, more secure fit with improved control. Extra strength rawhide laces reinforce durability, improving the glove’s longevity. Fastpitch specific patterns, with smaller hand openings for softball players, provide a tighter and more secure fit for better control while making those big plays. En savoir plus
139,99 $
Gant de balle-molle Ghost 12po


Model Year 2020
Brand Easton
Web Type Split Basket Web
Leather Premium Steer™ USA leather
Lining Supple leather lining
Size 12 inches

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