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Casque Z5 2.0
Casque Z5 2.0 Casque Z5 2.0 Casque Z5 2.0


Casque Z5 2.0

Easton’s popular Z5 has gotten an upgrade. The high impact resistant ABS shell has been engineered for maximum protection, while the padded dual-density foam liner works to absorb shock on impact. The Z5 2.0 features a BioDri padded inner liner to keep players dry and cool, and the wrapped ear pads add extra comfort and prevent wear and tear throughout the season. The Z5 2.0 Solid has been updated with a fresh new look, and meets the NOCSAE standard for all levels of play. En savoir plus
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Casque Z5 2.0


Model Year 2020
Brand Easton
Sizing JR: 6 -1/2 - 7-1/8, SR: 7-1/8 - 7-1/2
Finish Matte Finish
Facemask Compatibility Universal Baseball Softball Mask 2.0, Universal Baseball Softball Mask, Universal Softball Only Mask 2.0, Z5 Softball Mask
Jaw Guard Compatibility Extended Jaw Guard in Left Hand Batting or Right Hand Batting, Universal Jaw Guard
Also Compatible With Universal Padding Fit Kit, Z5 Helmet Fit Kit, Universal Facemask Hardware Kit, Chin Strap
SEI Certification NOCSAE ND022 Newly Manufactured Baseball/Softball Batter's Helmet
Certified As BZ5-04JR, BZ504SR, BZ504XL