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Bâton True AX9 - Sénior
Bâton True AX9 - Sénior


Bâton True AX9 - Sénior

The all-new 2020 AX9 features an optimized Low Kick shaft profile for lightning quick, explosive shots in our highest performing, most impressive design to date. Featuring the game changing FiberSHIELD resin technology, the 2019 AX9 combines greater durability with a 5% weight reduction and optimized balance point. En savoir plus
À partir de 329,99 $
Bâton True AX9 - Sénior


FiberShield FiberShield Technology allows us to disperse lowdensity nanoparticles, 10nm in diameter, throughout the blade and shaft of the stick.
The unique formula and mixing procedure yields consistent particle dispersion and stiffness, while decreasing overall weight and providing improved durability.
BRT+ The 2020 AX9 incorporates our patented BRT+ technology in the blade design for a stronger, lighter blade with increased heel durability – outperforming its predecessor in strength and consistency.
Axenic Technology Our patented Axenic Technology combines a compression molded shaft into a true one-piece stick.
Industry-leading Axenic technology results in a seamless build, putting the player’s hands in direct contact with the puck. When combined with our XCORE Gen 2 technology, it produces unmatched CONTROL and FEEL.
SmartPly SmartPly is a process by which fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft.
SmartPly technology creates the perfect marriage between weight, balance, and industry-leading impact strength.
Weight 393g


Les bâtons TRUE ont une garantie limitée à un seul remplacement en cas de bris lors d'une utilisation normale dans les 30 jours suivant l'achat. Pour commencer la procédure de retour, vous pouvez contacter directement le manufacturier à [email protected] ou appeler le 1-855-TRUE(8783)