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Bâton RXW Classic
Bâton RXW Classic

Bâton RXW Classic

WINNWELL is continuously adapting its assortment of sticks to meet the changing demands of players. From improving construction methods to refining pattern availability, we’re committed to delivering the highest possible performance at the lowest possible cost. En savoir plus
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Bâton RXW Classic


More Information

More Information
Model Year 2017
Brand Winnwell
Level of Play Recreational
Shaft Multi-laminated wood shaft
Blade Ash core blade with reinforced high impact resistant fibreglass


WINNWELL LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY WINNWELL offers a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for ninety (90) days from the original retail purchase date, unless a different warranty period is stated on the product. Applicable to the original buyer only. We will provide a warranty replacement for products if: The product was purchased at an authorized WINNWELL retailer and proof of purchase in the form of original electronic cash register receipt is submitted; There is no evidence that the product has been abused, altered, defaced, misused or otherwise damaged through an act of neglect of the consumer.