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Bâton F20 Finch Teeball (-13)
Bâton F20 Finch Teeball (-13) Bâton F20 Finch Teeball (-13)

Bâton F20 Finch Teeball (-13)

The featured tee-ball bat in Mizuno's exclusive Jennie Finch Collection. Created with the beginner softball player’s specific needs in focus and designed to be powerful, comfortable, and lightweight. Features MZ-1300 Alloy for power and an extremely lightweight design that does not compromise durability. Our Speed Helix Grip adds comfort and a soft feel. En savoir plus

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Bâton F20 Finch Teeball (-13)


Model Year 2020
Model Jennie Finch Collection
Brand Mizuno
Grip Speed-Helix™ Grip
Construction MZ-1300: Lightweight, durable design, while providing better performance.
Certification USA Baseball Approved
Dropweight -13


One Year Warranty: Warranted from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.