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Skill Ball
Skill Ball

Sniper's Edge

Skill Ball

The Sweet Hockey SkillzBall is the same weight as a puck. The Skillz stickhandling ball is ideal for working on correct stickhandling form and technique. Being able to work on stickhandling skills between regular ice times is a huge benefit to a player's development. Stickhandling is one of those basic hockey skills that requires thousands of repetitions to perfect. And it is the training concept that repetition builds "muscle memory". All that means is that once your muscles remember how to do something then they are able to react instinctively. More details
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Skill Ball


More Information

More Information
Brand Snipers Edge
The SkillzBall is about the same weight as a puck.
Helps develop proper stickhandling technique using the top hand wrist roll
Can be used on all surfaces including: wood, tile, concrete, asphalt, or carpet.
Extremely durable.
Great pre-game warm-up tool!