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PRO-Skate Guard V2.0
PRO-Skate Guard V2.0


PRO-Skate Guard V2.0

It’s all about the edge! Keep your skates sharp and protect the edges with our Elite® Pro-Skate Guards V2.0. Our Pro-Skate Guards are treated, a state of the art corrosive inhibiter which prevents your blades and edges from rusting. The game of hockey is all about skill, speed, precision and discipline. Regular maintenance and care of your skates will help your game and protect your investment. Specially designed to easily slip over the sharp edges of your skate blades. More details
As low as $19.99
PRO-Skate Guard V2.0


Model Year 2020
Brand Elite
SPECIAL INNERER LINING FABRIC Impregnated to protect blades and edges.
INNER MOLDED EVA FOAM Secures blades in place. Protects blade edges.
EXTERIOR WATER RESISTANT NYLON FABRIC Sheilds water from penetrating inner liner.
INNER ABSORBING FABRIC Prevent blade and edge from rusting.
RUBBER GRIP TRACTION STRIP For traction while walking.
INNER BLADE CHANNEL 22mm in height to hold blade securely in place from top to bottom.