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Majer Hockey Sports Excellence

Growing up in a family full of hockey fanatics, Joel Majer developed a passion for the sport at a young age. Although he was the youngest of four boys, he was never one to let his age get in the way of achieving his dreams. That's why in 1983, at the tender age of 16, Joel's entrepreneurial spirit pushed him into the hockey service industry, creating the roots for Majer Hockey. Joel’s passion for the industry and customer-first mentality makes us proud to have Majer Hockey Sports Excellence as a member of the 200 strong team.

He started modestly, opening pro skate shops first in Roding Arena and then in Bayview Arena. Eventually, his business grew beyond a one-man show, and he brought his beloved late father Arthur and brother on board. Fun fact: the skate sharpening area of Majer Hockey is named "Art's Pro Shop" after Joel's father. Together, this dynamic family business expanded, and in 1990, the company moved to Centennial Arena (currently known as Herb Carnegie Arena). Eventually, in 2004, Joel opened his first stand-alone store in Toronto, thus creating Majer Hockey as we know it today.

While Majer Hockey Sports Excellence has undoubtedly transformed since opening in 1983, one thing has remained consistent: its specialized and technical understanding of customers' hockey needs. Majer Hockey was the first operation in the area to offer exclusive skate sharpening technology and embroidery machines. Furthermore, it's one of the only stores in Canada that offers Graf Hockey skate fitters. From interactive units for all hockey gear to scanners and digital screens, Majer Hockey is always ready to provide cutting edge products.

In a society pivoting towards self-service and automation, Joel and his team are a breath of fresh air. Majer Hockey has been welcoming generations of families into their stores for decades and knows their customers; Joel himself knows many of them by name! Years ago, Joel had a customer looking for a pair of skates. The only issue was that he lived in Pittsburgh and was unable to come into the store. Never one to give up on a customer, Joel and his colleague drove hours from Toronto all the way to Pittsburgh just to deliver the skates.

Joel not only serves his customers, he also serves his community. He regularly sponsors house league teams and does co-ops with kids in need. A family man at heart, Joel holds a personal affinity towards the Baycrest Foundation and donates both his money and his time to helping those with Alzheimer's: a cause close to his heart.

This attention to detail and passion for people has prepared Majer Hockey Sports Excellence for unexpected challenges. The team is currently planning and working with associations for when the season picks back up again. They are also working to determine new procedures for services such as fittings and working with suppliers to tighten team apparel deliveries. Overall, the team is working to accommodate and work in accordance with new guidelines. At the end of the day, Majer Hockey believes in doing right by the customer.

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We are 200 Strong.