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At Sports Excellence, we understand that you need to protect your head against the game’s hardest hits. That’s why we offer hockey mouthguards, from the market’s leading brands. Shop for the thinnest, lightest and most durable mouthguards, that let you talk, drink and breathe freely throughout the toughest games. See our mouth guards below.

11 Items

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  1. Mouthguard Case
    Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case
    As low as $9.99
  2. Braces Strapless Mouthguard
    Shock Doctor Braces Strapless Mouthguard
    As low as $19.99
  3. SuperFit All Sport Mouthguard
    Shock Doctor SuperFit All Sport Mouthguard
    As low as $27.99
  4. Microfit Mouthguard
    Shock Doctor Microfit Mouthguard
    As low as $19.99
  5. Gel Max Mouthguard
    Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard
    As low as $17.99
  6. Braces Strapped Mouthguard
    Shock Doctor Braces Strapped Mouthguard
    As low as $19.99
  7. Ultra Braces Mouthguard
    Shock Doctor Ultra Braces Mouthguard
    As low as $34.99

11 Items

Set Descending Direction