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Mizuno is known to be the best in manufacturing baseball and softball equipment, and for good reason. Known for their cutting edge bats, gloves, apparel, and other gear, Mizuno helps players perform at their best, every single game.Check out our wide selction of fastpitch and slowpitch Mizuno equipment. Compete at your highest potential this ball season, get your Mizuno gear from Sports Excellence now!

Mizuno is a unique Japanese-born sports equipment manufacturer. They are well known for their high performance and quality gear. They are extremely focused on sustainability and strive to take their products to the next level by advancing their technology in sportswear design. They create some of the most precise baseball products including bats, ball gloves, catcher's equipment, helmets, bags and accessories. If you are looking for baseball gear that has been hand crafted and designed to perfection, shop our Mizuno today and find out why pro-league players continue to trust this brand in all their games.


Mizuno has been designing their bats for pro-players for over a decade. They hand craft their bats using high end materials such as ash, maple, carbon and bamboo. Their wood bats are incredibly durable and strong, yet still lightweight so that even youth players can handle the swing! Their lightweight and durable advanced designs will have your ball flying! Their high-performance aluminum bat, such as their BBCOR BASEBALL BAT uses Mizuno’s specialized technology called Detonator Cor™, which adds more power to your swing by lowering barrel compression. With a larger hitting sweet spot area on the bat, you’ll be sure to hit that home run with a booming crisp sound. All Mizuno bats are designed with an incredible balance, so it is the perfect choice for all players.

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When designing their gloves, Mizuno uses only high-end leather and the best quality raw materials in the world. Mizuno craftsmen are extremely passionate about the sport, and they are dedicated to creating a glove with the perfect pattern, feel and performance. They have worked with and run several tests on professional players in order to create a specialized formed pocket in the glove that meets their needs. This specialty pocket is found in all Mizuno’s Pro line of glove models, so you know you’re getting top tier quality that is trusted by pro-league players.


Sports Excellence offers an amazing variety of Mizuno products.  Whether you’re shopping for bats, ball gloves, catcher's equipment, helmets, bags or accessories, we’ve got you covered! We offer you free shipping on orders over $99 and hassle-free returns! Our customer support team is amazing and prompt and will guarantee customer satisfaction. Shop confidently knowing you will receive the best prices, products and service when choosing to shop with Sports Excellence.