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Easton is one of the most recognized baseball & softball brands in the industry. The company's commitment to game-changing design and innovation, such as their breakthrough in manufacturing next-level bats out of composite materials, along with the popularity the brand has earned over the years, is what makes baseball & softball players keep coming back to Easton. They are committed to creating long lasting, excellent quality gear, so you can get on the field well prepared and ready for success! Sports Excellence is your go-to place for all your easton ball gear, including easton bats, easton gloves, helmets, batting gloves, and pants. 


Find your pefect Easton baseball bat or Easton softball bat now with Sports Excellence! Easton bats are engineered and designed witht the player in mind, bringing your strenghts to the forefront and helping you perform on the field. Due to their longstanding relationships with Little League Baseball, USA, and USSSA, you can be sure that your Easton bat is perfect for any league that you might be in. Bat choices include Easton ghost fastpitch bats, Easton stealth bats, Easton mako bats, fireflex bats, speed bats, synergy bats, and many many more Browse our full Easton bat categories including Easton composite bats, Easton slowpitch bats, and wood bats to find the right one for you!

Easton uses performance-driven sports innovators to design and engineer their bats. They are extremely detailed with their designs, using 4 different types of materials for their wood bats alone: maple, composite, ash and other such as hickory, bamboo and birch. Their aluminum bats are designed with Carbon-Core technology and 360 Engineering for 360° of barrel tuned precision. Each bat has a different lightness and feel, so all ages and levels can find a product suited to their needs.

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If you're looking for Easton baseball and softball gloves, you're in the right shop. Constructed with the best materials, including durable leather such as Diamond Pro Stee and Select Cowhide, these gloves are sure to give you amazin grip and control. Their patterns are designed for pocket depth and impact durability, not to forget the overall comfort and super soft palm lining that Easton gloves are known for. Choose from dozens of colors and find your next glove now.

Easton’s Baseball gloves come in many different types, styles and webs in order to meet your preferences. They have worked hard to formulate advanced technology lightweight gloves that can be used for youth players all the way up to pro level. You can choose from a selection of patterns, colors and webs, so you can have an amazing glove with your personalized style!

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Although some may thing batting gloves don't matter that much during the game, they absolutely do. A good pair of batting gloves could make the difference between an amazing hit and a strike. Easton batting gloves are specifically designed to make athletes perform at the plate. These are the same Easton batting gloves that all your favorite players wear during the big games. And no wonder they do, considering their superior constructions featuring breathable support, smooth goatskin leather, matte and gloss silicone that adds structure, and flexible neoprene wrist wraps for the perfect fit and maximum comfort. Choose from Easton's senior & youth batting gloves now and complete your ball kit for this ball season.


Easton's batting baseball and softball helmets are a must have to stay safe during your next ball game. They combine protection, customization, comfort, and visibility, are all features that make Easton helmets superior to other brands. With an Easton batting helmet, you can step up to the plate with confidence. They are designed with superior protection and performance in mind, so that you may be safe while playing at your best all the same time.

Easton helmets are some of the most advanced baseball helmets on the market today. They use a specialized technology called multi-density protection which addresses impact speed that players may face and absorbs energy with its layers of foam. The lining technology they use manages moisture, so you can stay comfortable while on the field. With its maximum protection shell and extended jaw guard designs on certain models, you know you are staying safe during your practice or game.

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