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VW10 Pro Model Wood Baseball Bat
VW10 Pro Model Wood Baseball Bat

VW10 Pro Model Wood Baseball Bat

It's all about balance with the VW10 Pro Model, which serves as the perfect wood bat for those making the transition to wood from aluminum with its medium handle and barrel. Though it's great for beginners, the feel of the VW10 keeps experienced hitters happy as well. More details
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VW10 Pro Model Wood Baseball Bat


More Information

More Information
Model Year 2019
Brand Diamond
Knob Traditional
Handle Medium w/ gradual taper
Barrel Medium
Feel Balanced
Handcrafted from Marrucci's top-quality maple
Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
Big League-grade ink dot certified
30-day warranty included

More Information

More Information
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Color Group White, Yellow
Wood Type Maple