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Attack Triangle
Attack Triangle

Sniper's Edge

Attack Triangle

The interactive Attack Triangle challenges players by replicating the positioning of an opponent’s skates and stick. With the open "lane" between the simulated skates and extending stick, the Attack Triangle forces players to develop puck movement skills, stickhandling abilities and an understanding of passing lanes. In addition to providing more interaction than cones during an on-ice practice, the hockey attack triangle comes equipped with mooring pins that virtually eliminate sliding. More details
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Attack Triangle


More Information

More Information
Brand Snipers Edge
Game Time Conditions. Replicates the positioning of an opponent’s skates and stick.
Skills & Dekes. Practice puck movement skills and the moves needed to beat opposing defensemen.
Creativity & Fun. Develop creativity and improve stickhandling.
Vision. Learn to deke and dangle around the opposition by recognizing the open lane.
Anywhere, Anytime. On or off-ice use, removable ice spikes included