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Is the mild weather making you want to put on your sneakers and come out of hibernation?
Here are 5 key words to remember when shopping for your next pair of sports shoes.


Are you planning to play outside? With all the water accumulating as the massive piles of snow melt in the city and on the trails, it's important to have shoes that keep your feet dry.
Some manufacturers offer fast drying water-resistant materials combined with antimicrobial agents that reduce odours. Don't forget your socks, ideally made of a blend of merino wool, nylon and spandex, which will keep you warm despite spring temperatures that can still be cold.


Beyond style, comfort rules! Whether you're planning to run a marathon or play street hockey, make sure your shoes are perfectly adapted to the activity.
For example: If running is your game, choose an ultralight seamless fabric that will literally act as a second skin and provide a comfortable fit.
Plan carefully: Don't be the friend who slows everyone down because you showed up for a hike wearing flip-flops!


It's all a question of balance! The soles of training shoes are designed to cushion lateral movements, while running shoes are suitable for more linear movements.
When running, your feet support the equivalent of three to five times your body weight in a series of repetitive shocks. All the more reason to choose a specialized shoe!


You’re not going to find a good pair of sports shoes at a garage sale or in the classified ads! See it as a profitable investment that will improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.
Above all: don't be fooled by the latest fancy marketing trend! Make an informed choice based on the shape of your feet and your sports habits, regardless of the look or which colours match your other sportswear.


It's hard to shop for something as specialized as a pair of shoes online. We highly recommend trying the shoes on in store, and walking, running and jumping in them to assess how compatible they are with your feet. Your shoes are your number 1 training partner!
Visit your local Sports Excellence and meet our specialists who will help you find the perfect shoes for your feet...and your sport!