CCM Super Tacks


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  • Construction: Anatomical 3D fit with an anti-lift construction that adapts to movements, preventing the shoulder pads from lifting upwards.
  • Caps: Dual core HD foam shoulder caps reinforced with D3O Smart Material for a lightweight, pro-level of protection.
  • Torso: Removable belly and HD foam kidney protection for a comfortable fit and pro-level protection.
  • Biceps: Adjustable bicep with removable extension for a custom comfort fit and pro-level protection.
  • Sternum: Shaped and molded HD floating sternum with D3O Smart Material technology.
  • Spine: Molded HD foam with hinge system for pro-level protection and comfort.
  • Liner: Embossed base liner for maximum air flow. Provides cool comfort and enhanced breathability.


The SuperTacks shoulder pads offers the same great fit and protection as its UltraTacks predecessor, but comes with improvements across the line. Featuring more D3O Smart Material, we’re taking the Tacks franchise to another level.

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