CCM Super Tacks 2.0


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  • Material: Introducing Sigmatex: An exclusive spread tow fabric developed by one of the world’s leading developers of composite solutions that is not only ultra-lightweight, but very strong due to its near zero wrinkling during assembly.
  • Kick Point: The stick features a mid-kick point with two optimized loading zones, one for wrist shots and one for slap shots. The bottom of the taper is a little bit softer for a more responsive feel.
  • Shaft: Reinforced bumper technology provides an increase in the strength of the shaft by adding material in the slash zone for uncompromising durability.
  • Blade: The ACU2 Blade is extremely stiff and includes a Sigmatex-enforced unique layup which provides added durability.


The new SuperTacks 2.0 stick redefines the standard for all-around performance. Highlighted by our new partnership with Sigmatex, the SuperTacks 2.0 stick includes the perfect combination of performance and durability. Along with the usual responsive mid-kick point, the stick also features an extremely stiff blade, which allows for more consistency on shots and passes.

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