Bauer Vapor 1X Lite


Release Date: November 3rd


  • Flex Profile: 
    • VAPOR Low-Kick flex profile
  • Shaft Construction:
    •  eLASTech technology (SR & INT only)
    •  Lightweight TeXtreme® Construction
    •  Monocomp technology
  • Blade Construction/Technology:
    • Exterior: ACL blade technology, Lightweight TeXtreme® construction, Matte blade with texture
    •  Interior: AERO SENSE 2 blade core
    •  Pure Shot blade profile
  • Shaft Shape:
    • Micro Feel II shaft dimension and Double concave walls
  • Shaft Taper:
    •  QRT+ Technology (SR & INT Only)
  • Grip Options
    • GRIPTAC grip finish (shown)


The all-new 2017 Vapor 1X LITE stick is made to optimize your quickness with our lightest blade yet. Built with QRT Plus Technology and Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL), this stick is designed for elite puck-handlers to fly through defenders and keep goalies guessing with a deadlier, even quicker release than ever before.

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