At CCM, hockey is in our blood. For more than a century we’ve been bringing innovation to hockey and continually reinventing ourselves to help players reach their goals. We push the limits so that players have what they need to get better each and every day. This game is more than just a passion for us, it is, simply put, a way of life. We live and breathe hockey day in and day out. We have been, and always will be a part of this game. Our commitment is to continue to make this great game of ours even greater.
We are CCM.
We are Made of Hockey.

JetSpeed FT1 is the first ever one-piece boot frame skate in the JetSpeed family. Featuring L1TEFRAME 360 technology, the JetSpeed FT1 is a highly refined skate design with leading edge engineering to help maximize a player’s speed on the ice. Its ultra-lightweight structure makes it the lightest pro caliber JetSpeed skate to date. The monocoque construction gives players two critical benefits: A complete 360° fit around and underneath the foot for a customized fit, and a seamless direct energy transfer platform that helps generate more speed with every stride. EXPLORE JETSPEED

Introducing the completely redesigned RibCor 70K skate. It was time for a change and it culminated in a fully revamped skate built from leading biomechanics research and feedback from the NHL’s top players who choose to wear this skate. RibCor 70K features the innovative FlexFrame Technology which offers excellent forward flexion and the best lateral stability to provide players like Crosby, Duchene, Forsberg and Tatar with the most optimized skating stride in hockey. COMING SOON

Five years in the making, the innovative Suoer Tacks skates have been engineered through leading and state of the art construction technology. Featuring MonoFrame 360 technology, Super Tacks are a one-piece boot frame providing a fully anatomical heel lock with a 360° fit around and under the foot. The Super Tacks construction eliminates the need for an outsole, providing greater foot to skate contact and an unprecedented direct force propulsion system to help generate maximum power. EXPLORE TACKS

The new RBZ FT1 features cutting-edge technology that is designed to help players shoot harder. The Faceplate Technology has been optimized to increase the stiffness while reducing the weight of the blade. This change, combined with a taper that allows for a more efficient energy transfer means increased smash factor, which helps to generate more shot power with the RBZ FT1. Players can now benefit from an even harder shot while having a better feeling stick. Not only is the performance improved, but the look has also been refreshed to update its expressive personality. COMING SOON

Over the past two years, the Tacks line has been proving itself due to its consistent performance. The Super Tacks 2.0 stays true to that while pushing the performance and durability levels further, as a result of our new partnership with Sigmatex, a global leader in performance composite fiber. The kick point has also been improved to give better feel on passes while providing great loading on wrist shots and slap shots. Finally, the blade is extremely stiff allowing players to hit their target more consistently, really improving their shooting accuracy. The new Super Tacks 2.0 redefines what all around performance means. EXPLORE TACKS

Developed from the Ultra Tacks design, the new Super Tacks offers the same great fi t and level of protection as its predecessor. With improvements across the line and more D3O® Smart Material to enhance the level of protection, it’s taking the Tacks franchise to another level. EXPLORE TACKS

An evolution of our successful CCM RBZ protective line, the QuickLite line was designed to keep the same fit and amazing lightweight feel of the RBZ family while taking it to the next level. This line introduces Ventshield technology for improved breathability. Design improvements have been added to the line such as a new shell for shin guards, fit in the glove and pants and a new elbow construction. EXPLORE QUICKLITE