Become a member

By joining an established buying group such as Sports Excellence Corporation, independent retailers benefit from:

  • The purchasing power of a group that includes 150 partnered suppliers
  • Preferred discounts and payment terms within the industry
  • The possibility of rebates on volume discounts
  • The effectiveness of our flyers promoting featured products at very competitive prices
  • Centralized management of the Co-op claims from participating suppliers
  • The ability to acquire and share knowledge with over 115 dealers that have the same passion as you
  • The advantage of being able to keep your corporate identity, as well as reinforce it through your association with a well-known banner
  • Access to private and exclusive brands to differentiate yourself from the competition and improve your profit margins
  • The ability to purchase closeouts at high profit margins
  • The opportunity to meet with industry people at trade shows
  • Internet and Extranet access to facilitate communication
  • Access to promotional materials, as well as an array of other services to facilitate retail management