Gear Shout-Out of the Week


Gear Shout-Out: “Instant Classic”, November 16th, 2015

This past week the Montreal Canadiens revealed their Winter Classic jersey. The Bruins have had their Jersey released for a while now . This prompts a discussion on how these jerseys match up in style. Perfect for a Gear Shout-Out.

Let’s will start off by saying well done to both teams. Both these jerseys are sexy. That logo on the Bruins jersey is fantastic; simple, classic and beautiful. Black and yellow also just seems to always look good. I hope they get a little creative with the accessories and not just go black and white for their gloves and pants.

The Habs have arguably one of the best uniforms in the NHL hence why it has not really changed for years. These Winter Classic digs however… Oh Me, Oh My! Don’t even know how to explain the emotions. If the Habs are sporting brown pant shells with these tarps, people may be fainting. We’ll be more excited to see this than the Victoria Secret fashion show.

Lets take a look back at past Winter Classic set ups. One of the favourite was in 2009. Both the Red Wings and Black Hawks killed it. The Wings had just the “D” on their jersey. They just looked so classy and elegant, reminds me of Madonna and don’t we all LOOOVEE Madonna (don’t deny it). The Hawks took the cake on this one though. Jersey, Pants and Socks all on point! That set up was so dirty it made Patty Kane’s hands look clean.

We wouldn’t be able to look at ourselves if we didn’t also mention the Capitals in 2011. These things screamed “Murica!” they were beautiful but they did give us all a hint of those prima donna guys you would see at pick up hockey. The guys wearing the white skates and mirrored visors who think they’re all-stars like Heatley in 06-07, even though they sound like a sushi chef when stick handling…

Gear Shout-Out: “The Reckoning”, October 23rd, 2015



Last week the new CCM Ribcor Reckoner was released to the retail world. The boys in the show however have been using it all season. Some of which have been lighting the lamp, others not so much. The new Ribcor is going to be our Shout-Out of the week.

The biggest change that CCM made to this stick is the new Shaft design at the kick point. There are no longer any “ribs” (For the top Model). CCM has changed it to one large divot or indented channel, which they call the “Pop Matrix Technology”. So why is it still called the Ribcor if it has no ribs? Because the Divcor or Dentcor sounds just awful… Anyway, if you don’t know the reason behind the ribs or the new dent, let me get my Bill Nye on and try and explain. Think of the fibres in your stick as an elastic band. When you flex it the fibres stretch and then snap back. Now in a normal stick the fibres are relaxed as if you were holding an elastic band by on end and letting it hang. The Ribcor uses the Dent or Ribs to pre stretch the fibres providing a quicker release. This is similar to if you were holding the band from 2 ends and gently pulling.

CCM also changed the colors of the stick, not by much but it made a difference. The green is now brighter and pops a little bit more. It looks sleek and majestic. That’s one thing I really like about the style of the stick. None of the major brands use that color combo! Incredible I know… Something different.

CCM has been updating their Twitter feed with goals of some of the big name players using the Reckoner. There has been however one major guy missing from this list. Sidney Crosby officially switched to CCM. By that I mean the logo on his helmet and gloves changed but not the actual equipment. He finally registered a point this week and broke out with a goal and 2 assists. On further inspection it looks like he wasn’t even using the Reckoner to break the floodgates. I am sure the stick wasn’t holding him back; he could probably put up 30 goals with a shovel. Look for Crosby to switch back to the Reckoner soon and add to the CCM TarasenkShow.


Gear Shout-Out: “IT’S BACK”, October 16th, 2015



The start of the NHL regular season means that the Gear Shout-Out of the Week is back.

There has been a lot of movement in the equipment world since last season. One thing that we have noticed is Warrior’s growing presence. 11 out of the 30 NHL Captains use Warrior gear… HUH? When did this happen?

Let’s take a deeper dive into this upward trend in Warrior’s gear presence.

Warrior has always been producing fantastically gorgeous and outrageously comfortable 4Roll mitts, ever since the acquisition of MIA. This has not changed. Don’t believe me? Go slip on the Dynasty AX1 and you will never want to take it off. Their Covert line follows in the same trend. They look unreal and feel just as good as they look.

Warrior’s Sticks have been in the mix since the “Johnson” and the sexy gold and black “AK27” shafts. Some would say that Warrior was still not up to par with Easton or Bauer who owned hockey players hearts in the past, however, recently they have been upping their game. Warrior sticks are up there with a fantastic feel and great pop along with what has to be the best stock curve pattern selection.

Warrior’s glove and stick visibility in the Show has been good for the past few years but this year their new helmet is popping up all over the place. The new Krown PX3 must be a hit. Guys who have been with Warrior but stuck to other buckets have now switched over. I’ve tried it on and found it very comfortable. I am still not sure how I feel about the looks of the PX3 but hey, if I was a Pro with a sponsor like Warrior, give me an endless supply of those Warrior gloves and sticks and I will play with a cone on my head.

I’m a fan of Warrior, they have great looking products that perform at a very high level. I can’t wait to see how they build on this momentum. How could you not like a company who had a product called “Nut Hut”?

Gear Shout-Out: APRIL 20th, 2015

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This past week was the start of the NHL Playoffs. There were many headlining stories from the past week of action. One of the largest was the Two Hand hack that P.K Subban laid out on Mark Stone. Which landed Stone with a Micro Fracture, this is apparently some sort of bone bruise… The part that we notice in this incident is Subban wielding a new “sword” the CCM Ultra Tacks. This stick has been floating around in the NHL for quite some time now but this is new for P.K a notorious Easton S19 (SE16 with S19 Graphics) user. Yes now P.K have and Phil Kessle have more in common then just a historically loved S19 stick. This 2/3 of the Three Musketeers have been in talks with the Lumberjack Games for training this offseason. Forgot the famous John Scott incident? Check these out.


Anyways enough about “The Slash”, and onto what we really care about. Subban in the past few weeks seems to only pull this Ultra Tacks out for Penalty Kills, this must mean his supply of SE16/S19’s must be running dry. This Easton SE16 is up there in the ranks of glorious twigs that Easton has brought to us and I am sure that most of us can sympathize with P.K about loosing a beloved twig. Or is it that the Ultra Tacks New Bumper technology makes it even better for breaking wrists.


We may learn something here other than WebMD telling us what a Micro Fracture is. Could the Mid Kick Point CCM Ultra Tacks be as good as the classic SE16? If this is the case I am positive that CCM will have many Hockey players dying to get their hands on one. They may also see a rise in sales to mobsters, as a Louisville Slugger will now be sidelined by a P.K Subban Pro Stock Ultra Tacks.


Get your your hands on the CCM Ultra Tacks for both LARPing and hockey at your local Sports Excellence shop on June 26th.

Gear Shout-Out: APRIL 13th, 2015

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The L.A Kings were officially eliminated from the Playoffs. We had gotten used to this team just barely making it into the promised land and then giving everyone a very hard time. They will be missed, but not from any team that would have had to go through them to hoist that 34.5-pound, silver goddess. Yes the one and only Stanley Cup.

The one thing that will not be missed is their hideous new white and grey alternate jersey. These are a disgrace to the history of breathtaking Kings jerseys. White pant covers… Really L.A. If they wanted to go with a white and grey look why not just look to the past. Why not toss on some Gretzky era throwbacks. You had all these to choose from

No wonder they didn’t make it into the playoffs. You aren’t going to get a date to the prom wearing a blue suede suite. I don’t know what executive made the call to rock these in the final stretch. He obviously isn’t familiar with the term “Look good play good”. Their Twitter game is great but that can only get you so far. As they have shown us.

Anyways… rant over. Moral of the story L.A… take a page out of the Penguins book. This year they had a breathtaking, classic black and yellow Alternate jersey. They have booked a ticket into the best time of the year while you are trying to fix your slice.

Gear Shout-Out: APRIL 6th, 2015

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At the end of February Bauer Hockey posted a pic on their Instagram about a photo shoot with Dougie Hamilton and David Pasternak. In this picture they inserted #NEXUS. This image had a somewhat blurry black and blue stick that would have to be the new Nexus Stick.

This past week we started to see this new Nexus Stick, which would go with the name “1N” pop up in the NHL, the most notable of which being Jonathan Toews. Who scored the game-winning goal against the Buffalo Sabres with this twig. Don’t get too excited this won’t solve your entire goal scoring problems, it was the Buffalo Sabres after all. This new stick was an easy pick for our Gear Shout-Out of the week.

One can’t help but wonder if the timing of this stick showing up is Bauer trying to help us cope with the potential loss of another “1” product. This possible loss that I am speaking of has the beer drinking, fight loving, big hit cheering hockey fan in the gutter. This is of course is the possible break up of the boy band One Direction (1D).

We will still have to wait for the specs and features on this stick that will hopefully give the mulletless Blackhawks and Jonathan Toews the firepower they need.

More importantly lets hope that this sleek black with its beautiful tropic ocean blue highlights, mid-kick point weapon can get us “Directioners” through these dark times.


Gear Shout-Out: APRIL 1st, 2015



This past week we noticed something very umm…. interesting for our Hockey Gear Shout-Out of the week. Kevin Fiala played in his first career NHL game for the Nashville Predators. This kid caught our eye with his twig. We noticed he was rolling with the CCM RBZ Superfast but this is not why he has made our segment. This is an unreal stick with its custom flex profile and speed pocket blade but by all means is not new or different. The reason why Fiala has made our Gear Shout-Out of the week is his choice of tape jobs. We have seen a wide array of tape jobs in the Show, from Jamie Benn’s 4 strip center of the blade all the way to Patrick Sharp’s tape from toe to half way up the hosel. This kid however has pulled out something seen only in your men’s Roller/Ball Hockey leagues. The old 1 strip of tape horizontally from tow to heal on both forehand and backhand. Don’t the Nashville Predators supply tape to the players? Are they having budget cuts?

Carey Price found this tape job so appalling that he refused to even face Fiala when making a backwards highlight reel save. The only Predator player that could rock this is Mike Fisher… the guy has won life.

Kids don’t pull a “Fiala”. Come into your local Sports Excellence Store, we have a wide selection of tapes and colors. We will even give you tips on how to tape your stick.