Bauer Gear Guide


There’s straight-ahead speed, and then there’s VAPOR 1X speed — the kind of speed that can close the distance in any direction. With a winning fit and feel, you’ll get more go. And the more go you have, the better you play. Every detail, every technology is designed to keep your foot locked in place — so your last stride is as fast as your first. From the LOCK-FIT PRO facing and liner to the slow-molding FLEX-LOCK PRO tongue, the 1X will fit like an extension of your foot. So, go. And leave the competition in a cloud of ice dust. EXPLORE VAPOR

Ignite your game with the most explosive skate in hockey. The customizable tongue and tendon guard of C-FLEX technology lets you create the range of motion needed for your most explosive stride ever. Skate faster, harder, and stronger with the ultra-lightweight TITANIUM CURV® COMPOSITE boot that anatomically wraps your foot for maximum energy transfer and increased power with every stride. EXPLORE SUPREME

The 1N gives you everything you need to turn split-second decisions into game changing plays. An improved, closer fit with a deep heel pocket to comfortably lock your foot in place. Game-changing speed with ultra-lightweight CURV® composite. And optimal balance and stability with the SPEED PLATE™ footbed. Be the playmaker with the skate built for ultimate control. EXPLORE NEXUS

Ignite your game with Maximum Power Kick (MPK) technology, taking your shot to the next level—and the back of the net. EXPLORE SUPREME

Top shelf, bottom corner, even championships—hit what you’re aiming for every time with the new 2017 NEXUS 1N stick. With the new control shaft geometry and improved sweet spot technology, load your shot with ease and put the puck in the back of the net. EXPLORE NEXUS

The new VAPOR 1X stick with improved Quick-Release Taper Technology is our lightest stick ever, giving you your fastest shot ever. EXPLORE VAPOR

Designed to fit like an extension of the body, the new SUPREME 1S protective are unlike any pads today. Featuring Curv® composite with POWERLITE, the 1S takes fit and protection to a new level. EXPLORE SUPREME

Designed to be our most advanced protective yet, the VAPOR 1X pads are the first and only to feature innovative Curv® composite with AEROLITE lightweight technology, resulting in advanced impact protection without slowing down a player’s movement and agility. EXPLORE VAPOR

Control your game with the lighter, more protective Nexus 1N protective. Featuring the new lightweight Seven+ Technology™, these pads are built to absorb multiple impacts while holding their natural shape. EXPLORE NEXUS